Nobel Prize Winning Theory

Our algorithm is based on a Nobel Prize Winning Theory. With back-tested performance and clear result, our algorithm is one you can trust.

Automated Rebalancing

The solution offers automated rebalancing advice for the clients, allowing you to focus on acquiring new clients rather than managing existing ones.


The advice generated is powered by human advisors. You have the ability to input your own market forecasts and reflect your opinions on the portfolios generated.

Forecast confidence

You might not be always confident about your forecasts and that's okay. You have the ability to adjust your confidence in your forecasts.

Constraints ability

Our algorithm offers you the chance to input constraints on the model, depending on how you see it fit.


We offer a lite CRM system that allows advisors & brokers to optimize their sales process & target customers better.

PORTFOlio analysis

We have designed a portfolio analysis tool specifically for the situation the brokers find themselves in. Our goal is to offer answers to any question in under 3 minutes, improving the client experience and increasing sales.

mass email

Managing your existing clients has never been easier. Through one standardized paragraph, and personalized emails, you're able to update your clients on major movements in the market through one click.

risk profiling

Our risk profiling system is based on the latest behavioral psychological research, taking it one step further from traditional KYC forms. If you choose otherwise, we can always  adapt to your existing processes.

Anachron is your trusted partner

Easy Implementation

API Based architecture

Our solution connects to your existing system and communicates using APIs to ensure a smooth integration


Two months is all you need to implement our solution and get it up and running, ready to serve customers.