Our Clients


Banks that offer investment advisory services can use our solution to offer digital investment advisory to their private clients or open up the service to retail clients as the decrease in cost allows for bigger margins.

Financial Institutions

Brokerage houses may use our solution to attract passive investors, a client segment long neglected by the industry. Cross-selling may arise, increasing the life-time value of these investors.

Insurance companies

Life insurance coverage deserves personalization. We offer insurance companies the chance to customize the investment component of each client to fit his or her situation and personality.



We are always looking to partner up with other Fintech companies offering solutions within the same space. Reinventing the wheel is not our goal, partnership can propel us forward faster, cheaper and better.


Integrating beforehand with core banking systems will allow a smoother experience for our clients. Core Banking System providers benefit from microservices added to their solution while we benefit from the reach.


Accelerators, Investors, Mentors, Venture Capital, Coaches, Media Outlets, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs and Other Startups - We want to listen to the opportunities you can present us.

Our Partners